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I would like to take a minute to introduce to you some of the people I have worked with.  Within these galleries you will find many people I now consider friends.  Without them, this shop would not exist.  And their continued support both by stopping in and saying hello or  by referring their friends to Experience Tattooing is greatly appreciated.  Take some time to look throughout these galleries.  There will be updates and new additions as they come in and as I get time to place the photos.

Within these galleries you will find that most work is custom or customized for the collector.  Feel free to bring in an idea or work one out when you get here.  There are over 150 art books available for reference -  some are pretty obscure, and the internet is also available as a resource.  Each piece is individualized for you.

Experience Tattooing does not compete with the local market for your business, if you are here to price shop you should be looking at other shops.  I f you are here to compare work, I have 1000's of photos of past work I have done and I will treat you fair for the work you receive.  Stop in and have a look around.  With over 20 years of professional art experience and over 12 years in the tattoo industry, I will do my best to find what you are looking for and to get you in as I can.  Thanks for reading this and I look forward to working with you.                                                        

                                                                                           Vincent J Tosto