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     Photography started out as a hobby for me about as long ago as I can remember.  Some of the first images recorded were on film at family weddings, car shows, vacation trips, random locations on the way to work and anywhere you would typically take a camera.  I was introduced to Photoshop at version 3 and learned mostly by trial and error, lots of errors actually.  Eventually, and with persistence, Photoshop became easier...and newer versions became available.  I can recall quickly going from 3 to 4 to 5 with a short lag from 5 to 7.  Now at CS, CS2 but not quite into CS3 - needing to get CS5; there are days I wouldn't know what to do without it. LightRoom 3.3 in combination with bridge gets confusing as hell sometimes, but either one have their respective place. I still need to find a copy of Photo Mechanic someday. (And I still believe film and fiber print paper are the best for black and white images.)

           Through tattooing and piercing I started to notice a knack for capturing candid smiles in my clients.  I placed  these photos in my portfolios as wordless  testimonial for piercings and tattoos.   The galleries you see here are a compilation of old and new. (Other original photos can be found through-out my tattoo and piercing galleries. )

UPDATE: Moved past CS3 into CS5, bouncing back and forth between the two right now. With starting at RIT, I'm learning how much I still need to learn. I work in LightRoom 3.3 for most of my editing. There is a constant and continuing learning process between Bridge, CS3 and CS5, LightRoom 3.3 and Camera RAW.

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