Currently enrolled in the photography program at

Rochester Institute of Technology

Studying Photo Journalism

Lifetime commitments... look up to Experience

Contact number:  315 706 1003  

February 2011 - Summer, Fall and Winter quarter have finished. Winter quarter proved to be the hardest, both academically and financially. The combination has me taking the Spring quarter off to regroup, get back to work for a little while and complete the classes I wasn't able to finsh in winter during spring quarter. Eighteen credits seemed reasonable about ten weeks ago. A grad student commented "...take it as a life lesson. You'll push through it!"

I will be/am looking for work at the moment... I may make a move in the next few weeks involving some traveling, we'll see how that goes.

Talk to you when I see you!


December 2009 - Graduated 3.88.....from OCC, pretty proud of that! My next step is to transfer into the BFA program, Fine Art Photography of RIT. I am still available for tattooing and piercing, looking to book photo shoots both for fun and for assignments. I am traveling and  still available.

Do I have stories!! Contact me via text messaging, Myspace or e-mail.
Vincent J Tosto


December 2007  - Graduated 3.57 from Cayuga Community College where I earned an Associates in Studio Art & Design with a concentration in Graphic Arts!



Eventually I will link this to a blog or twitter or some other equally modern and up to date way of communicating with people electronically. In the mean time.....           


              Hello......and welcome to the first Official website of Experience Tattooing, Body Piercing and Fine Arts, this site is in an evolving this time some of the links will lead to an empty page....*gallery content is here but needs to be sorted and placed......some of the bio information is incomplete.....*that will be in this space at the appropriate time.......and the gallery layouts may be changing as the process continues........stop back and see where everything is when you can...bookmark this location if you like..........and thank you for taking the time to read this.........

     Current alumnus of both Onondaga Community College for photography and Cayuga Community College for Studio Art and Design with a concentration in Graphic Arts. Honing skills and looking to expand the studio - someday - a little farther. Hoping to enroll into a bachelor degree program at some  point following into a Master's program, looking at  RIT maybe Brooks. Who knows.

     ...I'd also like to take a minute to thank all of my friends, enemies and family for helping me get to where I am now.....and a special thank you to Miranda Howell...just because.....Joe Meyers for help with this site and the technical aspects......Jesse Maywalt for his support.....Gregory & Picciano's for putting up with me.......and all my neighbors around downtown......  look for me in Rochester!



Vincent J Tosto
Artist Owner

15 years in the Industry
Certified Member
 Alliance of Professional Tattooists

Full Time Student / Expected 2012
Rochester Institute of Technology

Photography - Photo Journalism

Alum / Winter 2009
Onondaga Community College


Alum / Fall 2007
Cayuga Community College

Studio Art & Design
Business Accounting, Graphic Arts

Phi Theta Kappa























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